Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eggs and Plans

Mom found the first egg in the chicken coop! It was on the ground. I think we have some negligent mamas. Social services for chickens?

 Here are her glamour shots:

In the craft room on a bed of yarn. Where else?
In my hands. Those are not speckles. It was just dirty. She couldn't wait to clean it before capturing it on film!
That was yesterday. Today, I found three more! These three were in their proper place: in a nest, in the insulated penthouse suite of the coop. I would have taken a picture, but they were tucked in pretty well. Plus we have the unwelcome challenge of visiting the coop daily without upsetting a growing threat of a bald-faced hornet nest. To access the hen's nests, I have to lift a flap on the back of the house and it's pretty snug. We're already used to opening and closing the main door gently to avoid riling up the hornets. Eventually we'll get rid of them...eventually. They don't seem to be bothered by us, but poor Samson is stung every time he gets close to the chicken coop! Regardless, I didn't dally. 

In other news, a very close friend of Mom brought over gobs of trash bags full of yarn! I'll get pictures of those once we sort them out. 

We also picked up some pattern magazines:

Both are from Interweave (love those folks). The Knit.Wear is the latest issue (Spring / Summer 2014) and the Interweave Crochet is Spring 2014, too. I've told Mom that I need the cover t-shirt. I love the asymmetric waves of stitches. It reminds me of this knitted Bermuda Shawl that I want to make in similar colors. It reminds me of sand dunes and oceanscapes. I think I just made that word up. 

From the Knit.Wear, I want to make the Six Point Tee:

Copyright Interweave Press.

Copyright Interweave Press. 
And the Folded Lace Tank

Copyright Interweave Press. 
...and when will I do all this? When I find that darn door into the alternate universe that allows me to tinker with the speed of time. 

In the meantime, I'm almost done with the Head in the Clouds cowl and I'm going to pick up and knit the tails of my Plomo Sturgeon. The cowl won't take as much yarn as I expected, so I'll be left with just enough Berroco Remix to knit up...nothing. I hate that. I'll just need to buy more! Haha!

Oh, and I'm going to work on my Aunt's purse. I hesitate to work on it because the wool is so course after working with the Malabrigo Arroyo and the Berroco Remix. Which reminds me. I need to decide what I want to do with my half of the farm-fresh fiber that's still in its natural creamy color. Leave it? Dye the easy way...with Kool-aid. Dye it with a natural concoction of gathered plants? Kettle dye or hand paint? So many choices! And that's not even getting to what I could make with it.

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