I'm a thirty-something (oops, almost 40) former-librarian knitter with a reading, writing, and all-things-yarny addiction. 

The reading "problem" actually began with pure, unadulterated love of books, even before I could read their words. Then I learned the path from my elementary school to my house without looking up from a book's pages. For reals. Luckily, I lived across the street from my elementary school and traffic was always stopped for student pick-up. I began writing when I discovered Anne Shirley of Green Gables and her writing ambitions. You mean I can also produce stories!? Holy smoke. I thus became a writer at a very young age. We'll say no more about what I wrote about or how well. 

Confession: I'm a book sniffer. And, contrary to what many will insist, it is not just the old-book fungus smell that gives real book sniffers pleasure (sure, some, maybe). Even in elementary school (remember I mentioned "pure, unadulterated love of books"?), I sniffed books. Brand new books. Library books. Old, used books. Tor paperbacks smell different from Scholastic paperbacks. Hardcovers with acetate covers smell different from hardcovers with rough-cut page blocks with textured covers. Each time I consider purchasing a tablet reader, I remember this and run to pick up a real, live book. 

(Texture is important, too. I sometimes sit at Mr. K's used bookstore, surrounded by different copies of the very same book, trying to decide which one feels best in my hands.)

I taught myself to knit from a Wal-Mart 'learn-to-knit' kit. That was while I was in library school, around winter 2002 or 2003. There were dry spells, but now I consider myself a hesitant 'intermediate' knitter, even though that was ten-plus years ago. There are many, many wonderful things to learn! (And I'm a geek, so I also read about the history of knitting and techniques behind creating the yarn.) I'm now spinning my own yarn. And I've dabbled a little in knitting design, but I'm taking it slow! So many interests.

Oh, and I'm now learning to bind and craft my own books!

I knit. Mom crochets, makes jewelry from any metal that strays too close to her hands, weaves baskets, sews, grows anything green she touches, can rewire anything electrical, probably plumb your house, train dogs, learn anything new she takes a mind to, braid rugs, oil paint, trompe l'oeil paint, weave grapevine wreathes...but she doesn't knit. Haha! Something I can do that she can't! Actually, she learned once upon a time, but prefers not to now...so that I'll continue to make almost all of my projects for her as gifts. Something tricksy about that. Here's her site: Mary Bryson Designs  If you see anything you'd like to purchase or have an idea for a custom-made order, contact us! 

Although smaller than Lucy in the beginning, Samson has begun to outgrow her. He is becoming very much the macho guard-dog extraordinaire and likes to literally throw his weight around! We ladies keep him in line. Guarding is one of the top traits in Great Danes, though. He doesn't talk as much as Lucy and we tend to pay a little more attention to what he may be barking at, when he does choose to make a sound. He is almost all black except for a curling white line that traces down his chest and just a few white hairs between his eyes and down his nose.

She's a beautiful mantle coat Great Dane, still a puppy at four months, but over 50 pounds! She's a sensitive girl, but she loves to talk.


The Mountainside
Our home is on the southern-facing side of a mountain west of Asheville, NC. We have a ranch-style home on three rolling, wooded acres, surrounded my neighbors who are mostly related to us in some way or another, if one were willing to go back far enough. And if they aren't kin, then they are familiar with our kin. My 80-year-old maternal grandmother lives just down the road. Most of us have gardens for flowers and vegetables. The view across our valley can be breath-taking some days. In Fall, you can see a stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway at the top of the opposite mountain.

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