Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Blog So Far

I'm rolling out this blog sort of like the government rolled out the site last year...not so smoothly or in one piece. And that is as far as we'll take that joke.

You can see that I've already begun a blog for my photographs last year, the art of seeing. There's a link to it in the right-hand side bar. There will eventually be a link to it from the panel of pages also attached to this blog, which are lined up below this blog's title image). Also in the works is the link to mom's gallery page, Mary Bryson Designs, see above. (Unfortunately, all of those pages at the top are currently blank. I'll keep you posted.) I'll be updating the content on both of those links as well. Soon.

Further down on the right-hand side bar are more links to places I hang my hat on the net.

I do have a copyright notice. Unless otherwise attributed, all of the images I'll include here will be pictures that I've taken myself. Please shoot me an email if you see anything worth sharing with others:

I'm working on making sure the comments feature works, but I'm not sure yet. I hope to receive lots of feedback! I look forward to reading every single line that comes my way.

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