Friday, March 28, 2014

After the sweater troubles touched upon in my earlier post, I wanted to share this video, which brought me a moment of bittersweet joy. It shows artists Lernert & Sander unraveling designer sweaters. We get to see beautifully perfect stitches un-become. Frogged. (For the non-knitters, it is called "frogging" because we're really ripping out stitches and you can think of the process of ripping it or "rip it"...hence "ribbit" and the jump to frogs and, ultimately, "frogging".) I thank Sarah of Knit York City for sharing this in her March 28th post.


This is my first time embedding a video from Vimeo, so I hope it works for everyone. This will probably only have resonance with knitters. Maybe some metaphoric extrapolation play with the literary set. I swing both ways. I like it.

That vexing March sweater is getting partially frogged before I either start it again with a total different mind set...or it gets frogged completely and I make the recipient something else.

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