Monday, August 25, 2014

Library book sales

...are the best! But you will have a much better time at a library sale if you know your library and yourself. I knew that our library would be slammed on the slated days of the sale. I know that I do not fare well in narrow aisles packed with people who suffer from the temporary loss of humanity and common sense that comes from proximity to good deals. I took a gamble this year. Last year the library offered increasing discounts during subsequent weekends that had not been advertised, to help reduce inventory. I wagered that the same would be done this year, for at least the first weekend after the initial sale. Score! Friday, 1/2 price sale. Sunday, $5 bag-fulls. I arrived Sunday afternoon. I do wish I'd arrived earlier. I only had an hour before they ran me off, but I got a great eclectic selection. And, since I failed to completely fill my paper bag, the volunteer only charged me $2 for the lot! Score, again! And the whole experience was pleasant.

When you approach a library book sale this way, though, you do lose dibs on the best sellers, the books in best condition, the current local picks and favs. But you also miss a bunch of nasty stuff, too. Check out Amanda Nelson's piece on "How to Rock a Library Book Sale" (on BookRiot).

My way lets me peruse the older titles and end up leaving with all kinds of things that may never have found their way into my home. Last year, I got excellent books on historical photography. This year I took home some interesting books about architecture in early America and a travelogue / history of the natural ingredients in the colors that artists have used in various cultures (like indigo).

My bookshelves are almost entirely full of unread books. Actually, these particular new arrivals are still sitting in the floor...

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