Thursday, June 5, 2014

Colour Me

...Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anyway!*

Finally, an end is in sight. My color starved days of knitting neutrals are numbered.

I am deep enough into my brother's Spruce Cove Pullover that I feel a sense of accomplishment already. I've progressed a bit further than this picture shows and the mock rib of the body knits up pretty quickly. (I apologize for the blurry photography.)

I've swatched for Dad's Henley sweater in a darker, tweedy brown (Vanna's Choice in Barley). I'll actually be custom designing his sweater based on his measurements and a combination of reference sources (much more on that later).

But the real fun is this: 

This is going to be the sweetest little cowl (for me!) and it is a pleasure to knit. It is the simplest pattern (just enough YOs and K2togs to keep it interesting) and the colors just spin onto the needle like magic. This is a wee kit that came in the cutest packaging (which had a ridiculously large part in my deciding to purchase it) from Friends & Fiberworks, a LYS in Candler, NC. They sometimes bring samples of yarn and kits to sell at the monthly meeting I attend for the Smoky Mountain Knitting Guild. (I'm the guild secretary this year, which is pretty cool, if I say so myself.)

See? Cute as a button! The yarn is Adriafil KnitCol color no. 61. According to Adriafil's UK web site, it is also known as "Chopin Fancy." As WEBS points out, it features teal, wine, lilacs, and browns. The sample cowl matched the shirt I was wearing at the meeting and I just loved the mix of colors. I was lucky to find one of the kits that actually had the same colors as the sample. You can see from the links that this yarn comes in the complete rainbow! Even after looking at all the others, I think this one is still my favorite. Two little buns of color, a neatly folded pattern, and perfectly sized plastic box zips around the top and, get this, has its own handle. You can just take your knitting kit with the rainbow all tucked inside for a stroll!

*Props to Blondie's "Call Me".


  1. I have said that I will only knit with naturally dyed by me or undyed yarns for a while, but I'm already wondering 'how long before I crave brights'?!

    That is going to be a mighty pretty cowl :)

  2. I admire your natural dye project though! I think you'll come away so much more knowledgable about what is possible with natural dyes and about your own natural environment. Mom and I have already thought of some natural sources for when we begin to tinker with dying our own yarn. But I don't think we'll be as bold as you to limit ourselves to only what we may be able to harvest ourselves. What you are doing places you directly dependent upon your natural surroundings and forces you to learn about it much more deeply. I like what you are doing!


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