Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another random day

Where did Wednesday come from? All I can figure is that these wild spring winds blew it in ahead of schedule. We had tornado warnings on Monday night during a wonderful thunder and lightning storm, but the Great Dane pups were less than appreciative of the natural beauty. Instead of being able to relax in bed to the sound of the wind in the trees and the rain against the house as I went to sleep with the windows open (we don't consider tornadoes too much of a threat on the mountain, especially since we're in brick with a full basement and within earshot of a township siren, and they are relatively rare in this part of the state)...well, instead of that, I spent most of the night petting and cooing at two 70-pound babies once we convinced them to climb onto Mom's bed. In their mere 5 months of life, this was their first real thunder storm of merit. Lucy, always so sensitive, actually settled down pretty quickly, but I believe Samson was torn between trying to still be dominant "dog-on-guard" and actually admitting fear. It took a while to convince him to relax.

They do look a little sheepish in this pic, don't they? 
In other news, the previous day (Sunday) had been glorious and we had a family picnic. We have a patio gazebo, which we've decorated with seashells, odd finials, bits of granite picked up from when one of my brothers worked for a granite business, and hens & chicks in old tea pots...see:

This was a stroke of genius on Mom's part. The base is for an aquarium, which is being used elsewhere. In an overgrown corner of the property, Mom went granite hunting and found these two perfectly sized pieces to create a sideboard in the outdoor patio area:

We cooked out and ate under the gazebo, where we'd brought my niece's little portable sandbox for shade. Samson was also guarding in the shade:

I actually began a new knitting project that afternoon (my brother's Spruce Cove Pullover designed by Michael Brian McNorill [Ravelry link]) and I'll have pictures to post soon.

Somehow I thought yesterday was Tuesday. I admit that some weeks slip by easily like that, even when I keep myself busy with small tasks or driving around running errands. I don't keep a very busy calendar. In fact, I take joy in keeping my Google Calendar set on a daily activities notification so that I can see this in my Inbox most days: "You have no events scheduled today." That is so refreshing.

Last night, though, I crawled under the covers and decided to check my email, only to find this subject line sticking out like a sore thumb: "Are you feeling stressed, Kristy?" I was really quite creeped out. Of course I'm stressed. It is my natural state of being, like having brown hair or hazel eyes. I almost popped out of bed to check if someone was sending emails from under my bed, like a bad horror movie where the murderer is calling from inside the house. (Don't ask how I was transferring this to emails, but I did.) It was an ad from the Michaels craft store chain for Kinetic Sand. Ugh.

Last week I discovered my first grey hair. Ugh, again.

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