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I personally love The New York Times: Books section. One day, when I have the money, I will pay the $3.75 / week just for the access to book review, author interviews, the Philosopher Stone debates and editorials, including articles on medicine and science, and other arts features. I'm not even interested in the truth of if their news is biased or not. Their cultural coverage is brilliant. And photographs, my goodness. For now, I survive on multiple log-ins and the limitation to 10 free articles per month on different computers (3 in this household). *Sigh* Poverty can only limit us so much...then we go to the library.

The Guardian: Books section. Another fantastic newspaper books section, this one from the major British publication.

Book Riot

The Airship

Book Slut

Books and Art

Review: The Review Review

Short List / Books

Indie-Next List from Indie-Bound

The Barnes & Noble Review (different from the blog listed below)

The Barnes & Noble Book Blog

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